VEG CHEERS - Trim Shot 10 sachets

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Product Overview

VegCHEERS-Trim Shot is a weight-loss formula with 7 kinds of natural fruits and vegetables, which extract fuctional ingredients to burn fat and lose inches. Just drink 1 pack daily, enjoy the new slimming experience.

Pieces per Container

10 sachets x 25g

Product Usage

Direction of use: 
Take one sachet a day before meal.
For faster result, take one sachet twice daily, before breakfast and lunch. 

Product Warnings

Not recommended for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, or taking medicine. 
Please stop taking if any allergic symptoms occurred.
Keep out of children.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.


3 types of Slimming funtion 
Fat Burning
- Amplify fat burning
- Inhibit adipogenesis
- Increase metabolism rate
- Lose weight, BMI and inches

-Clean up unhealthy or harmful thing in your body
- Eliminate toxins from the body
- Reduce tiredness 
- Get slim and health

- Anti-aging
- Good -looking
- Make the skin soft and fine
- Refresh and full of energy




(No reviews yet) Write a Review