Uticare 紓密丹(30 capsules)

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[Good bacteria Hi! Do not want to bad bacteria Bye ~] 

"Uticare紓密丹 " oral 3 simple formula 

immediate mitigation:

1)When burning, itching, odor, instantly taking four.Reduce seizure: When symptoms of recovery, served two to three months for treatment. 

2)Strengthen prevention: in particular period of time (such as before and after menstruation, affectionate around, travel), served 1-2 tablets.


There are a few other reasons to kick vaginal bacteria:

1. Women between the long wrong health habits ── douching

Originally the way to evening bath time, and some that is not enough, be sure to 2 times 3 times more outrageous is also the toilet after each come again.

2. The tone of sexual activity

Such as the use of various sex toys or boys in the girls walk inside the vagina with the fingers.

3. The poor performance of physical condition

Will reduce the defense force. So the habit over, conduct proper sexual behavior, as well as regular exercise, embarrassing problem that other people will naturally not be ridden.

In fact, inside the vagina, there are many undesirable species, all belonging to the small La grade myself, but these bacteria are mixed when mischief is the so-called non-specific vaginitis. It caused clinical symptoms, can occur at any age and mothers, more than half will naturally heal, having said that, it must have qualified women themselves healthy. But there are medical reports , no pregnancy, the infection can spread to the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, causing infertility in the future may be. But after pregnant, if the inflammation occurs, have the opportunity to lead to premature delivery, premature rupture of membranes and possibly postpartum infection , so one patients with clinical symptoms such as poor taste, so as not to delay the disease should be immediate consultation. Recently exhort you girls, vaginal ailments, smelly, find a gynecologist on the right. Lin is the right physician ] Reproduced with permission

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review