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Product Overview

Slim Partner, the ‘Hunger Killer’, is a thirst quenching, high energy, and nutritional health drink, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, mineral body salts and glucose. Slim Partner is developed scientifically through 14 years of animal and human research to relieve physical stress, improve stamina, aid in recovery from physical work loading, and increase energy supply and utilization within our muscular system. Slim Partner also helps to relieve emotional stress, imbalanced diet; aid in recovery from alcohol effects, and promote the feeling of health and well being. Its formulation has been patented in USA, Britain, Japan, Europe, Australia and other regions in the world. Combining with the unique, international patented Drug Delivery Technology (DDT) most glucose in Slim Partner is quickly transported to a variety of vital organs, including brain and muscles for life maintenance. Hence, there is almost no chance for glucose left to form fat. Unlike other commercial products, which only cater for the blood fluid systems, Slim Partner supplies electrolytes to both blood fluid system as well as the muscle fluid system. Slim Partner is more closely related to what is natural body requirement in case of physical stress.

Slim Partner contains:

Vitamin C helps the body and muscular functions, aids in various metabolic detoxifying processes, an essence for good health.

Vitamin B6 assists liver functions in detoxifying and purifying processes and in the daily digestive processes, converting protein, carbohydrate and fat into nutrition for body requirement.

Mineral salts provide a metabolic cleansing effect, replaces sweat loss from hard physical work, increases stamina, improves energy storage in the body, relieves heat stress, compensates dehydration, minimizes alcohol diuretic effects, relieves minor nervous or emotional stress, fatigue, jet lag, and provides a feeling of well being.

Glucose provides body with highly efficient energy.

Slim Partner does not contain sugar (sucrose), artificial flavors, color, or preservatives.


Curbs hunger:

For a normal body metabolism, the energy currency is glucose. Glucose level in the blood is kept constant. A low blood glucose level triggers hunger. Hunger is the main reason why people can’t achieve their weight loss goals. Slim Partner is an effective way that can help to overcome appetite and end your suffering.

We all know that spacing out our meals can have a positive impact on our health even without cutting out a lot of calories if we don’t end up overeating at each of these meals. That is what exactly Slim Partner can help to achieve. Slim Partner contains a small amount of glucose, which can quickly increases blood and brain glucose levels. That makes our brain think we just had a small meal. Therefore, drinking Slim Partner several times a day can get the similar results as eating multiple small meal does.

Fat burning:

If you have a set-eating pattern without hours of fasting, some studies indicate your general metabolic rate goes up. This gives you more energy and can decrease your cravings for food. In addition, your body learns that more food will be coming shortly, and it burns food as calories rather than storing it as fat. Therefore, taking Slim Partner on a regular bases not only curb hunger but also increase metabolic rate so that your body will burn extra calories. In that way, Slim Partner indirectly helps losing weight.

Internal spa:

The electrolyte composition of Slim Partner is similar to the body requirement. Two cell buffer systems and vitamin C and B6 are incorporated to aid efficient energy utilization within the body metabolic pathways. Electrolyte disposes body wastes generated from normal metabolism and by-products generated from stress of physical and mental work, therefore, Keeps cells rejuvenated and functioning normally.

Thirst quenching:

Slim Partner has the proper sodium ion-to-potassium ion ratio, which gives a closer resemblance to body fluid composition than other drinks. The body can make use of these raw materials immediately for metabolism or replacement for any loss or deficiency to restore its balance.

Minimizing hunger pain, palpitation, dizziness

Hunger is a physical sensation characterized by headache, trembling, reduced concentration, and a sensation of emptiness or growling in the stomach. The international patented DDT technology can rapidly transport nutrients and glucose to the brain through the blood – brain barrier and also rapidly supply glucose to vital organs, thus quickly and efficiently resolve hunger-initiated discomforts.

Stress relief:

Slim Partner acts like an internal body spa. Components of Slim Partner incorporated in the patented DDT delivery system are capable of buffering the influence of stress caused by strict dieting and weight loss programs. An internal body spa removes soluble body waste materials through increasing urine flow, relaxing our tense nerve, alleviating our mental and emotional stresses, resolving fatigue and keeping us energized all day long.

Cramps relief:

During muscular and mental activities, lactic acid starts to accumulate within our muscle and brain tissue cells. Lactic acid accumulation prevents muscle and brain from performing works continuously, resulting in severe cases, cramping and fatigue. Twin cell buffer systems in Slim Partner provides key elements to neutralize the effects of lactic acid, therefore, relieves cramping, and helps muscle and brain cells to work efficiently under prolonged period.

Other benefits

Slim Partner promptly replenishes our energy need, replenishes water, nutrients, vitamins and minerals for life maintenance.

Slim Partner contains essential vitamin C and B6 to help to boost our immune system.


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