Royal Medic: cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4 御藥堂 : 培植蟲草菌絲體Cs-4

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Product Overview

Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4

Improve sleep relieve symptoms Bimin


Royal Medic "cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" Nine efficacy:

  • Improve sleep
  • Bimin alleviate symptoms
  • Yin
  • Promote heart and vascular health
  • Promote liver health
  • To strengthen body resistance
  • Promotion of the upper respiratory tract and lung health
  • Promote convalescence
  • Health tonic effect has beauty


People concerned about the following health conditions for long-term use, young and old Safe:

  • Liver Liver person concerned
  • Follow mental stress and insomnia persons
  • Follow cardiovascular problems people
  • Follow alopecia beauty person
  • Upper respiratory airway problems people concern


Enhance physical for respiratory problems

Can enhance physical strength, oxygen consumption, there is a role for the expansion of bronchus.

Promote hemoglobin Manufacturing

Helps cell lipid oxidation conditions, while promoting the manufacture of hemoglobin.

Enhance immunity liver longevity

Help strengthen the immune system and have excellent longevity effect, but also help promote the liver, spleen and lung health, achieve phlegm, promote blood circulation, calm nerves of diverse functions.

Maintain a healthy heart

To help blood loss, pure heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing blood.

Elimination of toxins side effects

Particularly directed to treatment or side effects after surgery, improve immunity, have better rehabilitation.

Yang Yung Totale anti-aging

Taking cultivate Cordyceps can delay aging, with a better cosmetic effect.

Yin health Women boon

Qi and blood, can improve dizziness, anemia, menopausal symptoms and maintain bone health


Product Introduction

"Cultivate Cordyceps Cs-4"

"Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" is drawn wild species to cultivated Cordyceps made, though, it can not completely replace the wild Cordyceps sinensis, however, the wild Cordyceps production declining, so the price is expensive, and cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4 filament price of popularity, is civilian health care products. The "Royal Medic" chosen cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4 is endorsed by the Chinese health authorities of pharmaceutical grade raw materials cultivated Cordyceps and Chinese Food and Drug Administration approved its medicinal value and the most wild Cordyceps proximity, quality is guaranteed.

"Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" is the choice of top Tibetan wild Cordyceps separating the resulting strains: bat moth Paecilomyces (Cs-4) cultivation made them Cordyceps ingredients include: Cordyceps acid, Cordyceps polysaccharide adenosine are of high concentration and high stability, a more significant effect, non-cultivated Cordyceps other comparable. "Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" valid and strong lungs liver, Yang Jing Qi, enhance immunity, yin, improve sleep, promoting respiratory health, strengthening lung health. "Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" in addition to selection of superior raw materials, more stringent monitoring of production, to ensure quality play to the best effect.

Ancient medical use Cordyceps improve sleep

"Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" to help transport blood, so too Ruyang Heart, mind De clinically to improve insomnia have the desired effect.

Only the first eligible for preliminary clinical certification "cultivate Cordyceps Cs-4" Clinical Institute of Chinese Medicine of HKBU proven effective in improving sleep 82 percent

Baptist University of Hong Kong under the IACM in February 2009 announced a preliminary clinical study confirmed "Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" 82% effective in improving insomnia. 8 weeks study period, and double-blind manner, to ensure the relevance of the experimental results. Preliminary clinical tests show, taking "Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" testers improve insomnia total effective rate was 82%, while the sleep quality of the placebo group participants did not significantly improve .

Many use the home to take "Royal Medic cultivated Cordyceps Cs-4" has improved the situation two weeks of insomnia, such as total sleep time longer, easier to sleep and so on.

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