NuBreast+ Breast Volume Serum (1.5-month dosages - 5 pieces)

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Firm & Full【Breast Serum】 1 Bottle Dredge Breast Acupoints NuBreast+ Breast Volume Serum


Breast enhancing in timely way: It helps dredging breast acupoints, regenerates the cells and makes your breasts smoother and fuller!


Condensed ingredients Double effects: Combines 10 breast enhancing herbs with unique formu:ation method of 1000:1, activates all ingredients to the full extent.




Please consume immediately after opening. This product is extracted from natural ingredients. Deposits may appear and it is a normal phenomenon. Please stop taking this product when on menstruation. Not recommended for those who are aged under 18, women who pregnant or nurse, taking medicine or under treatments are not suitable to use. Please do not use it for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any disease. Product effectiveness depends on personal’s constitution.


How to use it

Use Breast Volume Serum twice daily (morning and night), apply 3-5 drops on each area and massage gently for 10 seconds with NuBreast+ unique acupoint massage method.



Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Essence Oil, Prunus Dulcis Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Chamomile Essence Oil, Vitamin E, Refined Olive Oil, Triglyceride, Patchouly Oil.


Suitable for

all skin type




(No reviews yet) Write a Review