Jintan Fat Control X Fat Cancel 120pcs x 2bottles

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Product Overview

  • Fat Cancel: helps burning fat and reducing fat deposits around the body.
  • Fat Control: helps reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and lipid in the intestine.
  • Fat Cancel x Fat Control is registered by the Japanese Government in reducing body fat percentage. With the addition of L-carnitine, Curcuma Amada and patented ingredients Tiliroside (Rose-hip fruit extract) & Salacia, it is a total-solution for weight management.




Product Description

Developed by Morishita Jintan (over 100 years of history), Fat Cancel+Fat Control is indicated for the reduction of fat deposits around internal organs and also abdominal region. In addition to fat burning activities, it blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids.
With a suggested 3-month regimen, aiming to reduce weight effectively without any rebound.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review