Japan HoTin Chilli Detox Foot Patch ~ Weight loss (8 pcs)

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HoTin's Chilli Patch ~ 8 pcs


Most Effective Spicy Extract of CHILLI ESSENSE
"Chilli Powder" is extracted from the spicy ingredients of the chili that is effective to enhance blood circulation and metabolism. As 'Chilli Powder' is added, the tapes work more effectively.

Efficacy of DETOXIC
From medical point of view, toxic substances such as fatty wastes; urine acidic crystal; metallic residues and etc., are produced through the process of metabolism. These toxic substances are normally accumulated in joints and soles, preventing normal blood circulation thus causing various problems such as arthritis; inflammation of joints; skin diseases; skin allergy; high blood pressure and etc., which seriously affect our health. In view of that, we must expel these toxic wastes from our body so as to improve our immune system and self-healing ability. Experiments held in Japan shown that Chilli Patch can extract internal dampness and expel harmful (toxic) wastes from our body. With the application of this patch, we can enhance our immune system and prevent from these illness.

Efficacy of NEGATIVE ION
Extensive experiments in Japan have proven that Chilli Patch contains numerous negative ions, which can penetrate into the body through skin and acupuncture points. The negative ions can neutralize harmful positive ions in the body, effectively converting the unhealthy acidic blood condition to that of healthy alkaline blood condition, which enhances the ionic mobility of calcium and sodium for our blood cells, and improves the muscle activity of our heart as well. As a result, it greatly promotes healthy blood circulation to enhance our heart functioning and improving our immune system significantly.

The high intensity of the Far Infrared Radiation emits by the product will warm up the deeper part of our body to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System of the Autonomic Nervous System. It will then helps to relieve the human body from all kinds of stress and enhance the quality of sleep. It also enhances our blood circulation and metabolism significantly. Recuperating from overstrains working and fatigue will be achieved efficiently and effectively.


Main Ingredients:
Chilli Patch is made of several natural rare materials such as Bamboo Essense (45%), Chitosan, Vitamin C, Doku-Dami Leaf, Herbal extract etc. The whole production is being done completely in Japan and exports with strict quality control.


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More Info:
Can pregnant women use Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch?
Although Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch are 100% natural, the instabilities associated with theearly stages of pregnancy means pregnant women should not use this product until the later stages of pregnancy. However, you should stop using the product if any symptoms occur. If in doubt, please consult a medical doctor.

Why is more toxic fluid found in the soles of the feet than in other parts of the body?
The soles are further away from the heart than other parts of the body. Blood circulation to such extremities is believed to be the weakest which to more toxic accumulation at these points. Sole Patch can also be applied to other affected or injured areas to extract toxic fluids.

Can Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch help in losing weight?
According to medical reports, the human body can store up to 15 pounds of wastes. This not increases our weight needlessly but can also directly affect our health. Frequent use of Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch can help remove such wastes form the body.

How are Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch to be used to obtain the best results?
We suggest that the sheets be placed on the soles of the feet after taking a bath or a footbath. Warm water can increase our body temperature and help release more toxic waste through the pores on our skin. For optimum effect, the sheets should be stuck as close to the skin as possible. The sheets may not work properly if stuck incorrectly.

Are Sole / Chilli / Lavender Patch suitable for children to use?
Under normal usage, this product has no known side effects and is safe for all ages to use. However, women in their early stages of pregnancy are advised to seek medical advice first before using this product.


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