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Dr. Morita 森田藥粧 

Taiwan Morita Biotech Co. produces a wide range of products under the technical supervision of Tokyo Shoji Japanese Company. The research and development team consisting of the specialists in medical cosmetology is hand in glove with the well-known Taiwanese hospital and beauty medical profession hospital in order to invent different new products. 

Tokyo Shoji Japanese Company has been established for 70 years. Now, this long-standing and reputable firm is expanding its business to China and Japan by setting up several branch companies in Shanghai and Tokyo. 

Upon the technical aid of Tokyo Shoji Japanese Company, Taiwan Morita Biotech Co. gave birth to the DR.JOU Series and Morita Series. The products of these series became the most marketable products in every retail location, and made a remarkable sales growth. More praiseworthily, they have been highly appreciated by the overseas customers since the arrival in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries of the world. 

In recent years, Taiwan Morita Biotech Co. is devoted to the research and development of facial mask. In 2008, it started launching the cooperation with the well-known Taiwanese hospital and beauty medical profession hospital aiming at providing customers with the upscale medical cosmetics products. 

Dr. Yao-Lin Huang and Dr Jun-Xu Zhou, the specialists in medical cosmetology, are the advisors to Taiwan Morita Biotech Co. intending to supply the market with the high-quality, professional and secure skincare products.

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