Derivative Seven tea (20 Bags)衍生七星茶

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 Derivative Seven tea:

 Main effects: for baby restless night of sleep, fitfully easy to cry, with heat rather God, Anticonvulsant hypnotic effect.

 Indications: Pediatric indigestion, restless night of sleep, not eating.


 1 years and under: Daily times package

 2-5 years old: Daily times package

 5 years old: daily 1-2 times per pack

 With the amount of warm water to drink

Consumer word of mouth:

Every night, the baby can not always sleep. But since to him taking tea derivatives seven, he fell asleep faster speed, and it did not wake up at midnight situation. Previously, always worried about taking the baby will affect the body, but after a long practice. Baby sleep quality not only good, but even before the picky habits have improved the. Seven mothers tea really derived Gospel!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review