Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Guilin Sanjin WaterMelon Frost Insufflations (3g)

    100% Authentic and Original  (N0 Counterfeit)Ingredients: Mirabilitum Citrulli Preparatum; Borchorax(calcined);Cortex Phellodendri;Rhizoma Coptidis;Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis;oma Belamcandae; Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii; Indigo Naturalis;...

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  • Asana

    ASANA Maitake Gold 金舞茸 - (60 Capsules)

    國寶級金舞茸係傳統宮廷嘅養生品,補五藏六腑嘅好幫手。腎好訓得好,養生就好易做到啦!   DETAILS 200 years of history of medicine, the Japanese royal family Queen recipe, an overall improvement in insomnia, physical fitness, especially helpful for physique. Maitake Gold can enhance the...

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  • Rootswell

    Rootswell Jointonic (120capsule(s)

    details product name: Rootswell Jointonic (120capsule(s))   brand: Rootswell   product size: 120 capsule(s) country of origin: Hong Kong function: Bone StrentheningMen’s Care category:...

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  • Vita Hair Tonic (100ml)

    Product Description Whether your hair is thinning, weak or too oily, Vita Hair Rejuvenating Tonic, with its clinically proven formula, can help. Combining powerful ingredients from eastern and western medicine for optimum hair health, daily use will...

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  • 701 Dieda Zhentong Gao Pain – Easing Plaster 1 roll

    Improve blood circulation; relieve bruises and pains, Used for acute and chronic strains, chronic waist and leg pains. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION INGREDIENTS Eupolyphaga, Aconitum, Nux vomica, rhubarb, two needles, Polygonum...

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  • Vita Green

    Vita Calm (60 Capsules) 寧心60粒裝

    Vita Calm (60 Capsules) A natural aid to a better night's sleep. This non-addictive formula will soothe nerves and aid relaxation without causing daytime drowsiness.   Product Description: A good night’s sleep is vital to our looks, health...

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  • Wai Yuen Tong 位元堂

    Wai Yuen Tong - URBAN SERIES Qing Dou Capsules (100 piece)

    Wai Yuen Tong《Qing Dou Capsules》is a culmination of the experience and guidance of various experts and professors. It is an extract of various quality, natural and authentic medicinal herbs by scientific method. It is effective in improving dead cuticle...

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  • Wing Cheong Tong

    Wing Cheong Tong Kin Wai Pill 50 Capsules 榮昌堂健胃整腸丸50粒

    Introduction in Chinese Version:榮昌堂健胃整腸丸乃純中草藥製成之腸胃良藥,排除西藥成分,功能解表化濕,理氣和中,對調理各種腸胃疾病功效顯著,是居家旅行必備良藥。適應:腸胃不適,消化不良,嘔吐泄瀉,朊腹腹痛,胸膈痞悶,水土不服,內傷濕滯,頭痛昏沉。服法:每日服三次,成人每次服五粒,兒童每次服三粒,用溫水送服。貯藏:密封,防潮,放置於陰涼處,勿讓兒童拿取。規格:0.25gx50粒裝Features:• You are buying one (1) bottle of...

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  • NOTO

    Noto Purinse Tablets 120pcs

    Decompose and slow the production of uric acid Lower uric acid level and avoid recurrence Repair cartilage and slow the deterioration  

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  • Ma Pak Leung

    Ma Pak Leung Choi Cho Pill 10pcs

    Origin Hong Kong   Product Description Efficaciois for the relief of muscular weakness, pin and ache of the head and body  

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