BSC and BSC. Pro were established by the associate company of a medical beauty organization COBOLIFE set up in 2002. 

The professional innovation team of BSC and BSC. Pro has been aiming to innovate and develop various kinds of new and high quality beauty / health / slimming products. To ensure high quality and effects of their products, all BSC and BSC. Pro products are manufactured by manufacturers matching the standards of GMP. Random product samples are regularly sent to laboratories recognized internationally for testing on heavy metal, organo-chlorine pesticide residues, micro-organism content and other elements. 

In 2003, BSC and BSC.PRO innovated Slimming Navel Emplastic whose monthly sales reached 80 thousand pieces and getting high media attention. To offer customers wider choices, BSC and BSC.PRO developed a series of professional and highly effective products in 2007 and named it “BSC.PRO PROGRAMME”. The products contain elements of high curative effects that were carefully selected to import overseas. The products have therefore become popular among markets of Japan, the UK, the USA, Korea, Taiwan and other places.

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