ASANA 補骨素 Quick Protein SOD Enzyme. Joint repair bad pain formula (80 capsules)

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Original use of two enzymes - analgesic SOD enzyme and Serrazimes bone protein enzyme, is the fastest pain in the joint health care products, can quickly improve joint pain, repair damaged cartilage! 

You are now knee pain, waist joint pain, shoulder joint pain, neck and neck pain, hand joints do not hurt.

Revolution to join the joint patented components Serrazimes and SOD enzymes, with high purity Omega-3, shark chondroitin, frankincense essence, MSM and mussels, a comprehensive fight against aging, no longer soreness, faster than the previous generation of pain , Reply to the joints comfortable, comprehensive help you make up bone joints. 

It is 

no longer stiff, no soreness, flexible and smooth, strong joints, enhanced bones made in 

Korea, GMP certification, strict supervision, safe and reliable. 

morning and evening after a meal


(No reviews yet) Write a Review