Asana - G7 Belly Cut PRO (60 CAPSULES)

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*Firm up abdominal even prolong sitting 

*Made by precious Chinese Herbs (Improved & Upgraded)

*Slim up the abdominal first and other part of body 

*Balance body function




1) The thermal energy disappears the fat, the stubborn belly fat all reduces

2) The unimpeded intestinal tract and the lymph, to clear waste water, disappears the dropsy

3) Unimpededly gathers the fat acupuncture point

4) Circulates the thin whole body, reduces the pound not to reduce the bust

5) Clear intestines and poison, will not stomach flow swiftly

6) A higher health still the medicine ingredient, anti- was senile, activation function. Make you whole body beauty and more healthily

Strongly launches an attack the unprecedented thin body myth.

Our strongly promotes the anticipation (third generation upgrade to strengthen the entire effect by the long time to disappear again
intestinal fat pill).

Some three big breakthroughs, Comprehensively repels the stubborn fat, Quickly disappears the stomach intestinal fat, Quicker thin lower part of the body, Comprehensively recuperates the health Creates the unprecedented thin body myth once again for you, Is  been thin the health you to be thin the spirit, As soon as sees enchantingly.

The third generation strengthens (the entire effect to disappear again intestinal fat pill) to break through the development, Directs by warm Shui Tsoyao, Can the unimpeded whole body circulation, After seems the foot bottom massage to drink cup of water to be same, Helps you to flush the whole body poison and the fat, Fast reduces the waist

Stay There and No Exercises are Needed

One of the greatest advantages of "Short Cut - Belly Cut Capsules" is that you may just stay there and get slim without having to do exercises.


How to Use:

Take 3 capsules each time and have 2 intakes per day with 2 cups of lukewarm water. Having intakes with an empty stomach for a better result

Ingredient: Vatiea Mangachampoi Blanco¡BSulforaphane,Yunzhi¡BCordyceps...etc

Disclaimer >>
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

More Info:

Q.Can the tablets help to slim up other body parts?
A.Not only work on abdominal, but has the effect on abdominal first, then slim up other body part. The tablet first decomposed fat tissue around waist, stop further emerging of fat tissue, expel excess fat out of body and stimulate fat burning.


Q.When the effect can be seen?
A.You will feel thirsty for first 2 days, the movement of stomach and intestine increase. Take appreciated amount of warm water. 3 days later, excreting of waste no long difficult, and you will lost 2-3 lbs easily after one week time.


Q.What is the use of Yunzhi and Cordyceps¡Ahow to slim up abdominal?
A.They help to rebalance your body states, increase metabolic rate, and restore normal function in circulation system.


Q.What is the meaning of "suit well"/ preserves one's health/ effect a permanent cure?
A.According to theory of Chinese medicine, must first improve the balance of body function, accelerate metabolic rate then reach a healthy, beautiful life. ¡uBelly Cut¡vwas made of natural Chinese Herbs, restore body balance by improved the circulation system, thus increase the metabolic rate to reach slim up effect 


Q.Is there any side effect?
A.No, ¡uBelly Cut¡vcontain only natural herbs, by regulating body function, therefore, there is no side effect.


Q.Do I need to on diet?
A.You only need to keep a balance diet, stay away from greasy and deep fry kind of food then will be fine. 


Q.If I stop the treatment, would I regain the weight?
A.No, it helps to improve body function, once reach the ideal weight you want, just keep regular diet will be okay.


Q.Will the effect be more remarkable if perform regular exercise in the same time?
A.Of course,¡uBelly Cut¡vis designed for those don¡¦t have regular exercise. A remarkable effect will be seen if having more exercise. 


Q.Should I stop the treatment when I am in menstruating?
A.For first few days of menstruating, it is the best to stop the treatment for awhile because it helps to improve the blood circulation system. However, it wont affect the menstruation cycle.


Q.Would tablets slim up breasts?
A.It has whole body effect, your breasts be smaller in proportion of body ratio.


Q.If I am allergy to Yunzhi and Cordyceps, should I take the tablets?
A.Some reactions such as stomachache are normal, but should seek medical consultations if any enquiry


Q.Can I take the tablets with other healthcare products such as Skintea/ Women Exclusive Detoxication Capsules?
A.Both can be taken as the same treatment period, but please take different products between 1 hour interval. Other slim up product such as Inner Sports capsules is not 


Q.Why I need to take Inner Sports capsules and Belly Cut in the same time?
A.Fat is most frequently stay around waist region, Belly Cut slim up abdominal and then whole body, Inner Sports capsules focus to slim up fat tissue in whole body. Therefore, it depends on your need whether need to take the 2 products in the same or not. 


Q.Where do the products produced?
A.Investigated by both experts in chinese and japan, then monitored and packed in Hong Kong.


Q.Is there any trial testing?
A.It is produced by Professor Yu Tin Tai and it passes all the western medical, heavy metal test.


Q.Any other details I need to bear in mind?
A.For the following situations, please seek medical consultation before carry on the treatment: Hypothyroid function problems, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, abnormal heart rate, stroke, liver abnormality, pregnancy, lactation and allergy to the products. And please don¡¦t consume alcohol and other medical when in the treatments. If any abnormalities happen, please go to see your doctors.


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